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Outdoor Coffee

Made in Switzerland

The outdoor coffee





Coffee Tubes

Our Mission

We are driven by a singular belief – the great outdoors is not just a place but a pivotal part of our existence. It's where we recalibrate our senses, challenge ourselves, embrace mindfulness, and find clarity amidst nature's unadulterated beauty. Our mission? To enhance those precious, serene moments between the exhilaration of adventure and the peace of the wilderness.

Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee

The team

Founded by Alexander and Philippe, no normal sprouted from a shared passion for adventure, coffee, and a refusal to settle for the mediocre. Alexander, with his robust background in design and brand building, and Philippe, a coffee aficionado with deep roots in business development and a love for the outdoors, saw an opportunity to redefine outdoor nutrition.

Outdoor Coffee

Made in Switzerland

As a Swiss company, we attach great importance to supporting the local economy and placing sustainability at the heart of everything we do. That's why we consciously choose Swiss partners and ingredients for our products. This decision goes beyond sourcing ingredients and extends to all aspects of our business, including packaging and logistics. By working with local partners, we contribute to strengthening the Swiss economy and reduce our environmental footprint. Our regional approach allows us to offer high-quality products while acting responsibly towards our environment and community.

Dark Roast Arabica Coffee


We recognize our journey toward making a meaningful difference is an ongoing one. Every aspect of our operation, from coffee sourcing to production and packaging, is an opportunity for positive change. Our aim extends beyond minimizing harm; we're dedicated to actively enriching our environment and communities. By fostering harmony with nature and supporting communal growth, we strive to be more than a brand – a catalyst for transformative impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

no normal coffee


First edible coffee in the world

You can dissolve our paste in water for a fresh cup of coffee but you can also eat it - now let that sink in.

Swiss Made

Each batch is roasted, mixed and filled in Switzerland fulfilling the highest quality standards


With 20 servings per tube the only limit to how to use it is your imagination.

Adventure ready

With only 100g, a durable aluminum tube and a super long shelf live you are ready for any adventure