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Artikel: Our Coffee Adventure at Xtreme Verbier

Our Coffee Adventure at Xtreme Verbier

Hey coffee lovers and adventure seekers,

What a weekend we’ve had! Imagine this: towering Swiss Alps, the adrenaline of the Freeride World Tour’s final showdown, and the aroma of fresh coffee weaving through the air. That was our reality at Xtreme Verbier this year. 

Let me tell you, setting up at Xtreme Verbier, thanks to the fantastic organization by YETI and Peak Performance, was like stepping into a dream. There’s something about the mountain air that amplifies the coffee experience, and we were right there, brewing our hearts out.

The folks we met were the cherry on top – such a friendly, open-minded bunch, all eager to chat and learn about what makes our coffee different. It was our first public outing with 'no normal coffee,' and the response? Mind-blowing! We’re talking about coffee enthusiasts from all corners of the globe giving us a thumbs up. It wasn’t just feedback; it was a heart-to-heart with fellow outdoor enthusiasts who understand the joy of a great cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

And guess what? We were on a mission to redefine coffee convenience with our unique concept: coffee in a tube. Imagine your favorite outdoor moment, now add a perfect cup of coffee to it – that’s what we’re bringing to the table. Simple, mess-free, and utterly delicious.

This weekend was also a bit like going back to school – a learning experience where every interaction taught us something new about how to bring our A-game to the world of trade shows and outdoor events. We tinkered with our setup, played with the aesthetics, and experimented with different ways to serve our brews. From classic espressos to chilled cold brews and the crowd-pleaser espresso martinis under the starlit sky, we were on a mission to make every sip memorable.

But here’s the thing – none of this would have been possible without our incredible team and the amazing friends who jumped in to help. It was a testament to the power of community and shared passions. Together, we made coffee magic happen in the heart of the Alps.

So, what’s next? We’re taking all these incredible vibes, lessons, and feedback to our next stop: the Outdoor ISPO in Munich this June. We’re buzzing with ideas on how to make our coffee even more outdoor-friendly and how to make our setup pop.

To all the wonderful souls we met at Xtreme Verbier, thank you from the bottom of our coffee-filled hearts. You’ve inspired us to keep innovating, keep brewing, and keep sharing our love for the perfect outdoor coffee. Munich, we’re coming for you – with more coffee, more stories, and even more adventures.

Stay tuned, stay caffeinated, and let’s keep chasing those peaks, both literal and metaphorical.

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