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Artikel: Our first Tradeshow - ISPO Munich 2024


Our first Tradeshow - ISPO Munich 2024

Going to Munich and coming back with two awards…⚡️⚡️⚡️

When we looked at the events calendar for 2024 to plan our brand launch at, the one that really stood out was the ISPO Outdoor 2024 in Munich first week of June.

Not only is it the largest outdoor sports fair in the world, attracting people from every corner, but it is also a leading place for innovation in outdoor sports to be showcased and rewarded with awards that have a lot of power in the industry.

Naturally, we were drawn to Munich, it is close, it is important, and riding high on good vibes and great energy from our crowdfunding campaign, we believed we surely had to take a shot at winning one of these prestigious awards.

What happened then is just another page in the entrepreneurship book...the product samples we submitted to the jury got caught up in customs and were not released as the final hours of the deadline was approaching. We had no choice but to either drive to Munich asap or figure out another expensive and time consuming way to make sure the jury gets their samples! Fate and luck are two incredible forces, because our initial gung ho saved the day!

For there was another company in Bavaria that we sent some samples too earlier in the year to see if they were interested in distributing it in their network. They still had a tube, it turned out, but it did not look great, nor was there lots of paste left in it. It was as if I was judging a new shoe model based off of a sample that was worn in several marathons, unwashed…

However, they were cool with sending their old tube to the jury, thinking not much of it. Most likely they thought this will never work..Alas, they underestimated the power of No Normal Coffee! 

During the jury deliberations, one of the members of the jury started posting about No Normal Coffee on Instagram, and we were just taken aback! Was this a good thing? A bad thing? A consolation price?

Well, it turns out that is was an incredibly good thing, the guy who posted about it was only allowed to do so because it was a unanimous vote, a YES!

So off we go to Munich, having been told that we had won one of the awards already, we were feeling pretty good! Once we found out that there were actually even more awards to be won on the spot and that our product had been up for another one, we were just astounded..our little idea which we got after an unsatisfying hike in the alps is about to maybe win a second award at the first attempt….AND WE DID!

Munich, you have been incredible to us: 

  • Over 1000 coffees prepared
  • Over 500 business cards collected
  • Retail request from 30 countries
  • Journalists non stop

It’s been incredible and we are just riding this wave of happiness and joy that our product seems to bring to people, what a time!


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