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Article: Mathyas Kurmann - The No Normal photographer


Mathyas Kurmann - The No Normal photographer

Mathyas Kurmann

Anyone who knows me understands that I navigate life with a surplus of energy, and my quest for adrenaline rushes has led me to various outdoor activities since childhood. I enjoy testing my physical and mental limits, occasionally surpassing them—whether on a mountain peak or amidst strong surf at the beach. One constant companion on these adventures is my camera.

The camera serves as my ultimate tool for deceleration. It's the instrument through which I release tension and find tranquility. Immersing myself fully in the scene before me, the act of pressing the shutter captures a scene and moment exactly as I experience it.

I cherish the creation of such shots. They tell a story that extends well beyond the frame, preserving the mood and unique character of the moment. I place great importance on producing high-quality prints and displaying them. Viewing these framed memories, I come full circle—transported back to that state of calm and peace.

Photography, for me, is also about sharing my experiences with others. The image acts as a window to the experience, creating a connection between me, the photographer, and the viewer, who might find their own story within the captured moment. 

The collaboration between Mathyas and no normal has yielded a curated selection of unique photographs focusing precisely on that moment of appreciation in nature and aim to share the magic of the outdoors and the captured moments we share with others on our adventures.

The images where shot this year in Verbier, Switzerland and are being professionally printed and framed in Zurich by our friends at @edition3000 in Zurich.

There are exclusively available during the no normal coffee pre-sale / Crowdfund on Crowdify. 

Here you will find a nice overview of all available prints.


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